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A Message from the Founder

I, Anwar Kazi, as the Chairman and CEO of Mastercare, Homecare and Healthcare invite you to review the information on this website. There are personal and professional benefits in being in the “home care business” and more specifically, there is value in joining the Mastercare family.

My goal is to expand the ability of Mastercare to offer solutions for as many homecare clients as possible - wherever they may reside. The mainstay of this business is non-medical homecare. As your Mastercare Franchise grows, you may request to expand services to provide Private Duty Nursing (inpatient and in home) as well as Medical Staffing for third parties e.g. hospitals, clinics, surgical centers etc. All of these functions contribute positively to your community, your employees, and your bottom line. What a gratifying way to make a living! To accomplish this, you may request an Addendum be added to your Franchise Agreement and pay a small fee. Mastercare franchises are priced competitively. We make it easy for you to get started. A Mastercare franchise offers a scalable business model with no limit to earnings, generous protected territories, and options for future expansion of service offerings. Please see all the information herein and contact us for more details. We want you to have all the information you need to make a quality decision.

Our Team

Anwar Kazi, CEO/Chairman of Mastercare

The American population is getting older. Baby boomers are reaching retirement age in larger numbers than any generation before them. This generation is hard working and knows what they want. Many do not want to lose their independence as they grow older and be placed in a care home where their family and friends may forget about them. They want to be at home. Home is the best place to be. They want to continue to live out their everyday lives and enjoy spending time with their family and friends. This is where the idea of Mastercare was formed.

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, Anwar Kazi and his wife Ashra, realized that this new generation of retired people do want to stay at home and continue enjoying life as they age. Homecare is an old concept revitalized by this generation. Taking care of the elderly and disabled, on their own terms, in their own home, in a comfortable and affordable way is what Mastercare is about. Our motto is “Home is the best place to be”.

Mastercare was established in 2004. For the next 8 years, Mastercare grew, covering all of the 4 major islands of Hawaii as well as Surprise, Arizona and Houston, Texas.

Mastercare provides initial and ongoing training and support, administrative tools, and marketing guidance to its franchisees.

Anwar Kazi is the managing Chief Executive Officer of Mastercare and its franchise concept. Through this partnership, he is supporting those that desire to become small entrepreneurs in the high growth Homecare industry bringing quality and value to their communities.

Jennifer Tan, Franchise Development Associate and Trainer

Jennifer is a key member of the franchise development team. She brings an integrated perspective to the instructional process with a background in industrial organizational psychology and landscape architecture. She strives to incorporate her education with her 8+ years of management, customer service and training experience she received while part of the administrative team at Barnes & Noble, Inc.

She is using this opportunity to utilize her attention to detail, effective communication, and creativity to guide our franchisees into the development of their business through detailed research presented in a visually organized manner. Her goal is to build a solid infrastructure so that we can support our franchisee’s needs.

Since joining Mastercare Franchising in 2013, Jennifer has undertaken the daunting task of writing the Operations Manual, consolidating and updating the Mastercare forms and manuals, reworking marketing media, and creating the training curriculum. She knows there is the challenge of adapting the system to the changing market and is always finding new ways to improve. She is here to build a solid connection with each franchisee and is willing to invest the time to nurture a positive relationship that is the key to long-term success.